How To Volonteer

An event like Canada Man would not be possible without the support of countless volunteers. You would like to be part of the Canada Man event? Join our team of volunteers. To register, write to: or call us: 819-847-2197.

Here are a few positions that require regional volunteers:

Race officials: You will mark the time at which athletes reach transitions or certain strategic locations and transmit the information you collect to the race judge. This is an important task that requires a great deal of concentration.
First aid team: We are looking for volunteer paramedics for our mobile first aid team in the field. Volunteers will be mobile (car, mountain bike, or on foot) and provide first aid along the course, in areas that cannot be reached by the ambulance. Volunteers must be able to manage an evacuation with the help of local emergency services if necessary.
Setup and Dismantling team: Volunteers are required for the set up of start and finish line areas. Flags and the inflatable arch must be erected along with fences, tents, and banners. We also need help to guarantee electrical installations, the sound system, and the projection system are functional.
Nautical safety: For the swimming section, we need volunteers with water rescue competencies. Volunteers will be posted in kayaks or boats and follow swimmers. They will assist the athletes, if necessary. Knowledge of rescue techniques is important.
Road safety/Course: Volunteers are needed for transitions or certain crossroads and intersections that may be dangerous to keep participants and spectators safe. A vehicle is required so volunteers can travel along the course and fulfill a very important role in certain sections of the course.

Other ways to get involved:

Do you only have a few hours to offer? We can still use your help to welcome athletes, for registration, the banquet, or around the camp. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a way to make you a part of Canada Man.